Thursday, August 2, 2012

5 cetacean species and perfect seas

Today was another one of those perfect summer days for us here in São Miguel!
Throughout the day we had several boats going out for swimming with dolphins and whale watching. In the morning we sighted beaked whales (for the lucky few), common dolphins, Risso's dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins. In the afternoon we sighted spotted and common dolphins again as well as pilot whales together with bottlenose dolphin. 5 species in one day, not bad!
Following are a few of our photos taken from aboard our catamaran...

Small loggerhead turtle spotted in the morning

Common dolphin bowriding

Watching the dolphins

One of our swimming boats in the morning

Pilot whales (note the small baby protected between the two adults)

Atlantic spotted dolpins mother and calf

Atlantic spotted dolphins in wavy water

Atlantic spotted dolphin with fish (Remora) attached

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