Friday, August 31, 2012

A very social group of sperm whales as well as Risso's dolphins and common dolphins

Today we had another very successful day on the sea. We started our morning tour with a group of common dolphins near the coastline. Not much further out we encountered a group of sperm whales socialising at the surface. The group consisted of at least 10 individuals of which we got to see 7-8 at the surface together. The whales were very curious towards our boats so we had some great sightings.

Sperm whales together at the surface

A sperm whale we call "Orca"

Curious sperm whales spyhopping

Large sperm whale head

Common dolphins

In the afternoon the sperm whale group had moved on but we did encounter some Risso's dolphins, common dolphins and a marlin (for those people on our catamaran). 

Common dolphins

Our zodiac with Risso's dolphins

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