Saturday, August 11, 2012

Calm sea and lots of cetaceans

Today we had a perfectly calm sea, sunshine and a lot of animals in the waters. We encountered three different groups of common dolphins in the morning and one group of at least 40 Risso's dolphins. And in the afternoon we encountered common dolphins again and we were also lucky to be able to see sperm whales this time. A group of whales to the east had moved in close enough for us to reach them. The group was really large so we saw many different whale blows spread throughout the area. We had a really nice encounter with two females and a calf together at the surface and in the end we got to see a beautiful high tail from one of the adults.

Photos from the morning:

Common dolphins

Common dolphins around our swimming boat

Swimming with dolphins

Risso's dolphins

Watching Risso's dolphins

Cory's shearwater running on the surface

Common dolphin and Cory's shearwater

Common dolphins playing

Common dolphins jumping next to catamaran

Sometimes when we try to leave the dolphins they follow us 

Common dolphins a long side our Catamaran

Photos from the afternoon:

3 sperm whales together at the surface

Sperm whale diving

This beautiful ship passed us as we were watching some dolphins

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