Wednesday, August 22, 2012

One of our sperm whale groups

The last few days we have had a group of sperm whales including 4 adults and 2 playful calves on São Miguels south coast. One calf lobtailing (slapping its tail) and breaching a lot and you can see some photos of that calf in a previous post here. Read more about this group, get to know there names, when we first sighted them and how to recognize them. A short video of on of the calves approaching our small zodiac boat can be seen here. But first below are some photos from today:

Calf lobtailing

Adult sperm whale diving

Risso's juvenile jumping

Juvenile and adult

Risso's dolphins

A tern close to our boat

Here are fluke identification photos of the 4 adult sperm whales in this group. If you have taken photos of sperm whale flukes here in São Miguel in the last couple of days you might have seen one of these 4 individuals, compare for yourself and see which ones you have been watching.

Pm17 "Orca"
First sighted in June 2008

Pm21 "Freddy"
First sighted two days after "Orca" in June 2008

Pm46 "Bear Paw"
First sighted in July 2009

Pm 170 "Left Tip"
First sighted in November 2011

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