Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sperm whales and 4 species of dolphins!

What a great start of August with sperm whales and 4 dolphins species. Today in the morning we had the luck to see 5 cetacean species. First we had a group of pilot whales, then spotted dolphins, common dolphins and while we were waiting for sperm whales we had an encounter with a large group of Risso's dolphins and then the sperm whales. And on the way back to the harbour we enjoyed the company by common dolphins around the boat. And our swimming boats had great swimming with common dolphins.

Pilot whale male next to the boat

Watching pilot whales

Spotted dolphins playing in the waves

Risso's dolphin with new born calf

4 sperm whales at the surface together

In the afternoon the sperm whales were still out there, but unfortunately this time we were not so lucky in seeing them. However, we did have some great encounters with common dolphins and Risso's dolphins and it was a great sunny day out at sea...

Common dolphin

Common dolphin

Risso's dolphins

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