Monday, August 6, 2012

Sperm whales and dolphins

Today we had a beautiful day with sperm whales and dolphins. We started the tour with playful bottlenose dolphins jumping around the boat. Our swimming boat had wonderful swimming with these dolphins. Then we watched the sperm whales. At least 8 sperm whales were sighted in the area diving at different times so our boat only watched one for a long time, rolling around and turning so we could see parts of the fluke before it raised the fluke and made a deep dive. Before dropping our Full Day clients in Vila Franca do Campo we saw a small group of four bottlenose dolphins. The same group that we have seen in recent days. In the afternoon we encountered many Risso's dolphins who were being very social and impressing us with their high jumps. We also encountered a small group of Atlantic spotted dolphins with many babies and we ended our tour with the same group of sperm whales from the morning. Unfortunately the sperm whales were spending little time at the surface again, but from a distance we did sight many individuals including a young calf.

Photos from the morning:

Bottlenose dolphins jumping in front of our catamaran Cetus

Watching a sperm whale from Cetus

Sperm whale diving

One of the bottlenose dolphins lifting its head up

Photos of the Risso's dolphins in the afternoon:

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