Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sperm whales and dolphins

In the morning, the sperm whales were really far away and it took us a while to get to them. We enjoyed the company of a lot of common dolphins before we arrived to the whales but it was worth the trip. When we came to the sperm whales we had 11 individuals at the surface. A group of adult females, juveniles and calves. In the afternoon we had the same luck with sperm whales including a female sperm whale with a calf breaching several times in front of the boat, common dolphins and a surprise visit by spotted dolphins on the way back to the harbour. We never know what to expect out there on the Atlantic ocean, but there is always a nice surprise out there for us. Photos from today: 

Common dolphins

Swimming with common dolphins (can you see the swimmers?)

Group of 11 sperm whales together

Sperm whales (female and calf)

Calf diving and almost raising its fluke

The mother is diving

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