Saturday, August 18, 2012

Who is watching who

Today we had some fantastic whale and dolphin sightings. Throughout the day we had a group of sperm whales in the area and in both the morning and afternoon we sighted several individuals at the surface. In the morning those on our smaller boats were particularly lucky as 6 sperm whales approached close to their boat, raising their heads out of the water as if they were watching the people aboard. In the afternoon the highlight was two large male sperm whales seen together, one time also becoming curious and approaching one of our boats. Throughout the day we also sighted large groups of dolphins with many small calves present. In the morning we sighted Atlantic spotted dolphins and common dolphins while in the afternoon we sighted just the common dolphins very close to Ponta Delgada.

Photos from the morning:

Atlantic spotted dolphins playing in the waves

One of our boats watching 6 sperm whales at the surface together

Juvenile sperm whale lobtailing (tailslapping)

Sperm whales socialising and approaching our boat

Sperm whale approaching and looking at our other boat

Photo from the afternoon:

Common dolphin calf with fetal folds

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