Sunday, September 9, 2012

A big blue whale, sperm whales and 3 dolphin species

Today we were really lucky to have a big blue whale off São Miguel Island. As well as this migratory whale we also had some of our resident sperm whales in the area. The sperm whales were not easy to watch today, but we all got to have a really good look at the blue whale which was seen together with common dolphins and striped dolpins. We also saw Atlantic spotted dolphins today, making up our total of 5 different cetacean species for the day!

Video of the blue whale filmed underwater. See the video in youtube by clicking here.

Blue whale with a common dolphin bowriding in front

Watching the blue whale from our catamaran

Striped dolphins leaping near the blue whale

Atlantic spotted dolphin leaping alongside our catamaran

Watching Atlantic spotted dolphins

Atlantic Spotted dolphins

Common dolphin jumping

Photos of the blue whale resighted in the afternoon:

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