Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The beauty of São Miguel

Futurismo does a lot more than whale watching. We offer land tours, both walking and by jeep or van across São Miguel so you can experience the nature closer and watch the views over volcanic craters and lakes. We also do Full Day trips (read more here and here if you are curious) and Sunset tours on the sea by boat  (read more here) and other tours giving you the incredible coastline by ocean view. Photos from one of our coastline trips:

Sunrise in the marina in Ponta Delgada

Getting the catamaran Cetus ready for the tour

A calm and beautiful sea

Good morning Vila Franca do Campo

Two rainbows

Igreja a nossa Senhora de paz in Vila Franca do Campo

Yellow legged gulls in Vila Franca do Campos marina

Watching the beautiful south coast of São Miguel

A closer look at Vila Franca Islet

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