Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A beautiful day spent with a big group of about 30 sperm whales

Today was a perfect summers day in São Miguel and we spent the day watching a very large group of sperm whales to the east of the island. We were seeing whales everywhere, so many that we were loosing count of how many were up at the surface. Our onshore watchman reported there were about 30 whales spread out throughout the area. We got to see many calves together with the adults and they were all socialising at the surface, rolling around, showing their tails, their heads, bellies, pectoral fins and even their bottom jaws. In both the morning and afternoon a couple of pilot whales were also seen together with the sperm whales, and in the afternoon a couple of bottlenose dolphins also joined the socialing group. Additionally in the morning Atlantic spotted dolphins and common were seen, making up a total of 5 different cetacean species throughout the day!

See video footage from the afternoon here.

Photos from the morning:

Sperm whales - adult and juvenile

Watching at least 6 sperm whales from our catamaran

Sperm whales socialising

Sperm whales together with a pilot whale (third animal from the left)

4 sperm whales

Aboard our catamaran

Beautiful summer sky

View from the top of our catamaran

Friendly Belgium family on the catamaran with us

Happy to see the dolphins bowriding

Photos from the afternoon:

Sperm whales socialising

Sperm whales socialising

Watching a sperm whale spyhopping

Sperm whales socialising - note the calf in the middle, lying on its side

Watching sperm whales socialising, showing various parts of their bodies

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