Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mr Liable the sperm whale and dolphins at sunset

Today was another busy day for us, full of more great sightings at sea. During both our morning and afternoon tours we saw "Mr Liable", a large male sperm whale that is well known to us, and groups of common dolphins. It was another beautiful summers day so we had good sea conditions and a nice clear blue sky. Our afternoon tour departed later than usual, so we got to see the dolphins in really nice afternoon light conditions and then had the bonus of seeing the sunset while the dolphins were still around us.

See a video of the common dolphin in the morning here.

Photos from the morning:

The famous "Mr Liable" - a large male sperm whale that frequently visits us

Top deck of our catamaran

Our zodiac with common dolphins

Common dolphin side jumping

 Common dolphins

Common dolphin

Photos from the afternoon:

Our catamaran heading offshore to the sperm whale area

Watching Mr Liable

Mr Liable going on another long deep dive

Aboard the catamaran in the late afternoon sun

Watching common dolphins in the beautiful late afternoon light

Watching the sunset from aboard our catamaran

Common dolphin at sunset

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