Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sperm whales and dolphins

Another great day on the sea with sperm whales, common dolphins and rainbows over São Miguel and to the South we could see Santa Maria. We started the tour with a large group of common dolphins, up to 300 individuals all around us. After the dolphins we traveled far east to a group of sperm whales. Just as we arrived one sperm whale dived. We waited patiently and the wait gave us a lovely reward with first an encounter with a sperm whale calf showing its fluke and then an adult female, also diving and showing the fluke. And all the time we saw wonderful rainbows over the island. Photos from today:

Common dolphins

Santa Maria Island

Sperm whale calf

Sperm whale calf diving

Adult female at surface

Adult female diving with a rainbow behind

Adult female fluke

Young whale watcher ready with her camera

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