Sunday, November 25, 2012

Spotted dolphins and birds

Today was a cold and clear day with a nice trip out on the ocean and we had a great encounter with a group of Atlantic spotted dolphins. Our lookout couldn't see anything else today, thou we had Risso's dolphins somewhere out there too, but we could not find them, so we took the opportunity to go around Vila Franca Islet to see the beauty of the islet and the birds there. We also had one boat out there swimming with the spotted dolphins. Some photos from today:

Spotted dolphins, mother and calf

Spotted dolphins

Azorean buzzard

Rock doves

Little egret

Vila Franca Islet

Ida and Heidi doing the briefing in Swedish and German

Our zodiac Alfredo baleeiro flying by our catamaran Cetus, going to swim with dolphins

Whale wacthers

Mario talking to a whale watcher

Guides and biologists, Heidi, Ida and Miranda

Two skippers

Ida looking for dolphins

Fishing boat in Vila Franca

Top view of our catamaran, going to see the Vila Franca Islet

Passing by Vila Franca Islet, watching the beautiful birds

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