Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dolphins, turtle and man-o-wars

After a few day on land we had two tours out today. In the morning we went out with our zodiac boat and saw a big group of common dolphins and in the afternoon we left the harbour with the catamaran and re-sighted the common dolphins (several different groups) playing close to the boat and bowriding, and one group were hunting with some shearwaters. We also encountered a small and shy group of spotted dolphins, a loggerhead turtle and a few Portuguese man-o-wars. Photos from both tours:

Watching common dolphins in the morning

Common dolphin spyhopping in front of our catamaran

Our marine biologist filming common dolphins,
and one is looking back... who is watching who?

Video of the dolphin in the photo above

Portuguese man-o-war

Video of beautiful bowriding


Our marine biologist Nuno talking about the man-o-war

Common dolphins bowriding,
and two is "fighting" for the best spot ;)

Video of common dolphins bowriding

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