Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 2013 sighting statistics

Our cetacean sighting statistics for the first month of January are shown in the graph above. The main thing holding us back this month was the low number of tourists to go whale watching. Most of the time the weather has been nice, and there are animals out there, but being winter it is the low season for us. Nevertheless, we have had 6 tours this month and in these few days we have seen 6 cetacean species. These species are listed below, ordered by those most sighted and showing their sighting frequencies for the month:
The highlight of January was a tour in which we saw 4 different species including a fin whale and an Orca. The orca was seen chasing a ray and we got some really good underwater video. See the orca blog post by clicking here.

Tomorrow we will return to the sea, so check back later to see our latest sightings!

Map of our cetacean sightings

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