Monday, February 11, 2013

Curious common dolphins and a majestic fin whale!

Today we enjoyed a sunny day and a calm sea in São Miguel, Azores. This morning we went out with one of our zodiac boats and we traveled to the east of the island to try to view some dolphins that our vigia (onshore lookout) had spotted for us. We saw several small groups of common dolphins. In one group we saw a baby who swam close to his mother. The last group of dolphins we saw was a group of very curious adult dolphins. They followed close our boat and they were watching us as we were observing them (see underwater footage). Then, the vigia told us that he had seen a baleen whale. We drove to south, south-east and we got to see the whale very well. It was an adult fin whale! She was feeding and we could see her close. Following are some photos from today: 

Our zodiac leaving the marina

Video of a common dolphin looking into the camera

Common dolphins

Santa Maria island

Fin whale 
Fin whale 

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