Friday, February 22, 2013

Rough sea with many dolphins

Today we left the marina very excited because our vigias told us we had orcas off the coastline. Three boats (two zodiacs and our fiberglass boat) left in the morning and we headed straight towards the orcas. But after searching for a long time we had to leave the area without seeing any orcas. Instead we saw two groups of common dolphins jumping and bowriding all around our boats. So after all, it turned out to be a great day on the sea. Photos form today taken onboard Alfredo baleeiro and Song of whales:

A young calf by its mothers side

Common dolphins (Delphinus delphis)

Can you spot the dolphin?

Young whale watchers today

Our fiberglass boat
Big waves today! 

And good speed over the waves!

One of our zodiacs
Both our zodiacs on the way back to Ponta Delgada

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