Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Back on the sea

This morning we were lucky to have some clear sky after getting a lot of rain in recent weeks. We went out on our catamaran "Cetus" towards the east of the island. As is often the case there were many common dolphins around, so we spent some time watching them darting around and under the boat. There were many juveniles in the groups, several of which were playfully jumping around us. Today was not a whale day, so we made the most of our trip back to Ponta Delgada by enjoying the beautiful south coastline of São Miguel and stopping to see Vila Franca Islet.

Common dolphins just about to surface

Top deck and lower deck watching common dolphins

Other side of Cetus, top and lower deck

Bow of Cetus full of colours

A young watcher enjoying the dolphins

Yellow legged seagull at Vila Franca Islet

Vila Franca Islet

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