Friday, March 1, 2013

Common dolphins and elusive whales

This afternoon we were finally able to go out to sea again, as conditions have improved after the stormy weather we have been experiencing recently. The swell was high but the sun was out, making it a bright and pleasant day. There were groups of common dolphins spread out everywhere so we had many encounters with them as they swam around and under our boats. There were also many birds around, including Cory's shearwaters that are back for the summer, great skuas, great black-backed gulls and yellow-legged gulls. As for the whales...our vigia spotted several individuals and our two boats searched the areas where they were diving, but unfortunately we did not get to see them. Nevertheless, the dolphins made our clients very happy. Following are a few photos from this afternoon's tour:

Common dolphins

Back in the marina, and you can see Song of Whales and Cetus

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