Thursday, April 18, 2013

Orcas, fin whale, bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins

Another sunny and wonderful day for us on the sea with lots of different animals. In the morning we encountered orcas again, and a large group of bottlenose dolphins. In the afternoon we saw common dolphins with a few babies in the group and a majestic fin whale. The orcas were the same group as yesterday but mixed with a group that we saw in the beginning of March. It was very interesting to see them together this time. In the afternoon we also saw a big loggerhead turtle and lots of seabirds.

See our video from our April orca sightings below, or on youtube by clicking HERE.

Photos from the morning:

Orca very close to the boat, you can see our clients life jackets reflecting on the orca (the orange colour)

Orca checking out the boat

Juvenile orca

Two orcas coming up to breath very close to Song of Whale,
and the blow sprayed our cameras

Watching bottlenose dolphins from Song of Whales

Bottlenose dolphins

A gull and a tern

Yellow-legged gull with its head twisted up

Photos from the afternoon:

Our swimming with dolphins boat

Fin whale coming up to breathe

Fin whale curving its back to begin a dive

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