Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The whales are back

During the past few weeks we have not been seeing many whales, possibly because we have been seeing orcas (also known as killer whales because they hunt whales and are at the top of the food chain) instead. However, today the whales returned to São Miguel and we had some really good sightings throughout the day. In the morning our vigia (onshore lookout) spotted some blows from baleen whales just south of Ponta Delgada, not too far from the coastline. We arrived to the area and confirmed that they were fin whales. We identified 2 adult individuals, although there were more whales spread throughout the area. In the afternoon we resighted one of the same fin whales from the morning. The whale was very calm near our boat, always staying near the surface so that inbetween its breaths we could see its shape travelling through the water. We managed to have some really great looks at this whale every time it came up to breathe in front of our boat. We also saw the whale poo a bright orange-red colour which is a great indication that the whale had been feeding recently, probably on krill! The afternoon tour finished off with an encounter with a young loggerhead turtle and a nice cruise back along the coastline.


Our biologist Miranda taking a photo of the fin whales poo
Fin whale poo
A young whale watcher

Cruising along the coastline on our catamaran "Cetus"

1 comment:

Mac said...

Sadly the holidays are gone but I appreciate the atlantic experience, the pictures don't explain the feelings, the waiting,the blow, the hide and seek of the fin whale... It was a really emotional and exciting cruise! Ciao da Milano!

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