Sunday, May 19, 2013

A baby fin whale with Futurismo

Today we had another incredible day at sea! In both the morning and afternoon we encountered fin whales as well as dolphins. The morning tour started with an encounter with a large group of bottlenose dolphins (about 100 individuals). We were able to see some socialising as the dolphins were doing high leaps and bowriding right under our catamaran "Cetus". After the bottlenose encounter we spent some time with 3 fin whales that were travelling through the calm water. While we were waiting for one of the whales to resurface we had a surprise visit from a small group of common dolphins that entertained us while we waited. In the afternoon the bonus was an encounter with a pair of fin whales: a mother with her young calf. Several times we got to see the small light-coloured whale really well as it surfaced alongside its mother. At the end of the day we also had a nice encounter with a spread out group of common dolphins to round off the day. Below are some of our photos from today:

Young bottlenose dolphin surfacing alongside its mother

Three bottlenose dolphins

Bottlenose dolphin

One of the fin whales from the morning

One of our guides Raquel explaining what we have encountered

Fin whales (notice the tip of the mouth of the calf along side the mother)

Fin whale calf surfacing next to its mother

Mother and calf

Common dolphin

Rock pigeons released during the tour

Cory's shearwater taking off

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