Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fin whales, dolphin, sunfish and krill

Today there had whale watching tours during the morning and afternoon.  In the morning we had a tour of whale watching and a tour for swimming with dolphins. Our vigia found a fantastic group of bottlenose dolphins, the swimming group was very lucky and enjoyed a nice swim. In both the morning and afternoon we encountered fin whales. In the morning we saw a group of two fin whales, one adult and one juvenile and two resident species of dolphins; bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins. We had also a fantastic meeting with a sunfish. During the trip we also found Krill (small crustaceans) the food of baleen whales. In the afternoon our vigia found another group of bottlenose dolphins and a great group of 4 fin whales that were very quiet and interested in us so we were able to closely observe them.  Below are some photos and a video from the afternoon tour:

Video of the sunfish filmed underwater:

4 Fin whales

Sun fish

Fin whale
Fin whale

Fin whale

Bottlenose dolphins

Our zodiac boat

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