Thursday, May 2, 2013

Another blue whale and more fin whales

This morning we had another successful whale watching tour aboard our catamaran "Cetus". We did not have to travel far from Ponta Delgada to reach an area where our vigia (onshore lookout) had spotted the blows of some baleen whales. On the way out to the area of the whales we quickly passed by a small group of dolphins and Manx shearwaters as well. As soon as we arrived to the area we started to see the blows of the huge whales that are migrating past the Azores this time of the year. We estimated there were at least 10 whales in a relatively small area, so we never had to wait long to see a whale at the surface. We encountered several fin whales and a blue whale. Of the fin whales we identified 3 new individuals that we did not see in the last two days. During the past days many different whales have been passing São Miguel Island. So, for us it turned out to be another exciting morning on the sea, watching the two largest animals in the world!
Photos from today:

Blue whale

A blue whales big body in the water

Fin whale

A good look at the blow holes of a fin whale

Fin whale

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