Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bottlenose dolphins, fin whales and sperm whale

During this cloudy morning we finally can see the Santa Maria Island, unfortunately, according to some popular sayings of São Miguel island, this means that it's going to rain soon. The visibility was good so the vigia (onshore lookout) sighted a group of bottlenose dolphins which delighted everyone playing in front of our boats. Later, a baleen whales showed up. It was a fin whale off about 18 meters length. After this lucky sighting the vigia demonstrated, once again, their importance by letting us know the location of a sperm whale (Mr. Liable). This well-known sperm whale was making long dives about 50 minutes long! We stayed with the fin whale and synchronize our watch for arriving at the sperm whale when it was going to surface. At the end of this encounter: Mr. Liable saluted us by showing us his fluke (as is usual in this species when they are going on a deep dive) and he went into the deep ocean. In the afternoon we resighted the fin whales and a different group of bottlenose dolphins. We waited for Mr. Liable but we did not see him again. Photos from today:

Fin whale

Mr. Liable (sperm whale/cachalot)

Bottlenose dolphin

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