Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fin whales all around

The fin whales have decided to still keep us company and it gives us great joy. We are very happy to have them around, and today we saw at least 11 individuals in the morning. Some of them were very calm around us and others had something going on, maybe making future whales (sustainable whale watching, right?). We also enjoyed the company of common dolphins, a playful group with lots of curious calves turning and looking at our boats and clients, doing some "human-watching". 
In the afternoon we encountered many fin whales, travelling calmly aswell as a fun group of common dolphins.

Photos from the morning:

Common dolphins leaping towards our boat

Common dolphin jumping next to Cetus (our catamaran) checking us out

Our youngest whale watcher today watching the dolphins bowriding
(cute as a baby dolphin!)
Common dolphin

Enjoying the common dolphins bowriding

Two of the fin whales surfacing together

Whale about to surface

The distinct flat head of a fin whale

Great view of the mouth of the fin whale

Big blow!
Fin whales
Fin whales
To see a video of two of the fin whales from this morning click HERE.

Photos from the afternoon:

Zodiac boat
Fin whale
Fin whale
Common dolphins
Mother and calf fin whales

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