Friday, May 17, 2013

Fin whales, common and bottlenose dolphins

Another exiting day on the sea. It started when our vigia/lookout told us that we had baleen whales to see but we just had to make a stop first on the way to watch some playful common dolphins. Later on we saw the majestic fin whales, three individuals travelling calmly together and they turned and came close to our boats to check us out, just like giant dolphins. After the whales we encountered bottlenose dolphins and we traveled close to the beautiful coastline back to Ponta Delgada, enjoying the view and the sunshine. Photos from today:

Fin whale

Watching two fin whales from the catamaran Cetus 
as they swam curiously close to the boat (one is underwater in front of the other)

Common dolphins bowriding our zodiac João Vigia

Bottlenose dolphin juvenile

Our zodiacs Bulo and João Vigia

On the top deck of our catamaran "Cetus"

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