Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fin whales in a silver sea

Today our sightings of fin whales and common dolphins continued. In the morning we encountered one fin whale that was doing feeding dives, but often surfacing close to our catamaran "Cetus". On this tour we also encountered some groups of common dolphins scattered around. In the afternoon the sea had calmed down so much that it was like a silver lake. On this tour we encountered three different fin whales, first two travelling together (of which we identified one individual that we had seen here two days ago) and then one lone individual. We also encountered a large group of common dolphins and some striped dolphins at the end of the tour.

Video of fin whales from today HERE

Photos from today:

Fin whales

Fin whale

Our zodiac with a fin whale
(photo: Miranda van der Linde)

Great view of the blowholes of a fin whale

Blow far away

Common dolphins

Common dolphins jumping alongside our catamaran 'Cetus'

Baby common dolphins,
very very young, only a few hours old

Striped dolphins

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