Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fin Whales, many Cory' Shearwater and some shy common dolphins

This morning the Futurismo crew was divided into four boats to do whale watching and swimming with dolphins. Everyone was excited because the sea was calm and weather was sunny with a fresh wind. After half an hour traveling and looking at Cory's shearwaters and some Portuguese man-o-war we sighted a large fin whale. So far, every day of May, we have sighted fin whales. After a while the vigia (onshore lookout) alerted us of a group of birds working (flying in a circle and diving trying to catch fish). One of our zodiacs approached the birds in hope to see dolphins and, instead, they sighted yellowfin tuna jumping and feeding on mackerel. On the way back to our marina in Ponta Delgada we kept trying to spot more cetaceans. Some common dolphins appeared, but quickly disappeared. They were busy minding there own business, they might have been hunting as there were lots of Cory's shearwaters on the surface with their head down in the water to spy on the dolphins. 

Photos from today:

Fin whale blow
Dorsal fin of the Fin whale

Before diving

Our zodiacs today

Waiting for the whale to surface, zodiac viewed from our catamaran Cetus

Whale watchers watching the fin whale

Yellow-legged seagull eating a fish in the marina

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