Monday, May 27, 2013

Just one more amazing Monday - fin whales everywhere and some common dolphins

Today we had amazing tours both in the morning and in the afternoon. During the morning one of our zodiacs went out on the water. The first sighting was one small group of common dolphins that were not so interested in our boat, so we tried another area where our vigia (onshore lookout) saw a blow. It was in fact 2 fin whales (an adult and an juvenile) traveling quietly so that we saw them very well. After a while we travelled to see another area, hoping see more animals. Near to the 2 fin whales we spotted 5 more whales of the same species, traveling and blowing at the surface for a few moments and making really short dives. In the way back we encountered another group of common dolphins, a bigger group (about 30 individuals with many small calves). This group was more playful and delighted us with their funny jumps !!!

In the afternoon we had 2 boats doing tours (our medium-sized boat and our zodiac) the sea was a little bit rough but every one was in a good mood, some times singing along the way. During this last tour of the day we encountered a fin whale, travelling calmly as well as a small loggerhead turtle resting at the surface.

Photos from the morning:

Common dolphin

Fin whale tail

Fin whales

Our clients watching a fin whale

Photos from the afternoon:

Fin whale

loggerhead turtle

Fin whale

Fin whale

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