Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May starts with blue whales, fin whales and sei whales

First of May and the whales decided to give us a wonderful start to this month. In the morning we started with common dolphins and then encountered two fin whales that were very curious coming close to our catamaran and swimming around us as they were giant dolphins. In the afternoon we had the luck of seeing the three largest animals in the world and in the right order. The largest one first: blue whales, then the second: fin whales and last: sei whales.

Photos from the afternoon (morning further down): 

Blue whale

The 3 species ordered by size: blue whale, fin whale and sei whale

Blue whale not far from the city Lagoa

Blue whale

The tall blow of a blue whale

Blue whale just surfacing 

Sei whale

Photos from the morning:

Watching the fin whale from our catamaran

Fin whale

The white right side of a fin whale

The left dark side of a fin whale

Whale watchers

1 comment:

ferry said...

What a show, the biggest spectacle of the world. Missed them by 1.5weeks or so. Back in holland what a pitty. Gr ferry from holland

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