Friday, May 10, 2013

Orcas are back, Mr. Liable shows up. It was an outstanding day!!!

This Friday we had two trips: morning and afternoon. First, close to the marina, we sighted bottlenose dolphins followed by common dolphin. Then, surprise!!! Orcas showed up again (the same group that was spotted in January and April this year). The group was in hunting/feeding behaviour, trying to catch some common dolphins. As well as these 3 species of dolphins we also sighted fin whales, so this is definitely the fin whale month. The vigia (onshore lookout) also spotted a shy sei whaleDuring the afternoon we had three boats in rough sea (2 zodiacs and the catamaran "Cetus") we didn't see the orcas, but as compensation, we sighted a sperm whale (the well-known Mr. Liable) and some bottlenose dolphins that were jumping and giving us an amazing show. In total we saw 5 species today, the average in Azores is 1-3 species per trip. An absolutely fantastic day!!! 

Photos from the morning:

Orca male with common dolphins

Common dolphin followed by the male orca

Two orcas, juvenile and the male

Bottlenose dolphin and our zodiac

Bottlenose dolphin

On board "Cetus"

Juvenile orca surfacing close to our catamaran "Cetus"

Fin whale blow

A visit to the skippers cabin, our captain explaining about the whales

Photos from the afternoon:

The sperm whale Mr. Liable on the surface

Mr. Liable diving

Bottlenose jumping

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