Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sperm whales, fin whales and dolphins

The morning was calm, blue and sunny and the ocean full of whales. We headed out towards a group of fin whales and on the way to see them we passed by a group of common dolphins. We did not stop to see the dolphins but continued to the whale area were we stayed watching two large fin whales. They were very calm in the water traveling slowly towards the east. Next we received information from our vigia (onshore lookout) that we had sperm whales to the west, so we left the fin whales. On the way we encountered the dolphins again so we stopped to see them better this time. Not long after we had 7 sperm whales on the surface, all together and playing around at the surface, spyhopping and rolling. Sometimes these big whales are just like big dolphins. besides the cetaceans we also saw Cory's shearwaters, pomarine skuas, Portuguese man-o-wars and several common terns hunting fish with some dolphins. The afternoon tour is out there and before they left the marina we received the information from the skipper that the vigia was still watching the whales.

The afternoon tour came with a big smile on the face's. We saw the same group of sperm whales we saw in the morning, but this time they were interacting with a large group of bottlenose dolphins, it was very nice! After this we sighted a fin whale. Photos and a video from today:

Watching one of two fin whales
Our rubber boat

Fin whale blow

Our Catamaran

Fin whale

Common dolphin with normal colouration

Common dolphins with dark sides

Seven sperm whales at the surface

Four sperm whales socialising 

Sperm whale

Sperm whale head and fluke

Six sperm whale in one line

Pomarine skua

The look of a whale watch-family watching sperm whales

Whale watchers

Sperm whales
Sperm whales and bottlenose dolphins
Bottlenose dolphin
Fin whale 

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