Friday, May 3, 2013

The fin whales keep coming

On this morning's whale watching tour aboard our catamaran we saw more fin whales. They were new individuals that we did not see in previous days. Today we encountered two different fin whales, although there were many more whales in the area which we could see by the blows that were appearing everywhere around us. During the past few days there have been many fin whales as well as sei whales and blue whales along the south coast of São Miguel Island and seems that they are feeding here (today again we saw a fin whale leaving a patch of poo at the surface) for up to 3 days or more before they continue their migration further north to their summer feeding grounds. Below are some of our photos from our fin whale encounters this morning:

Just surfacing

Beginning of the blow


You can see the typical characteristics of the fin whale - right side lower jaw is white

Clear view of the two blowholes of a baleen whale (fin whale) 

Whale poo

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