Tuesday, June 18, 2013

5 cetacean species on a summers day

Today was a sunny day and calm sea in São Miguel island, finally, it seems that summer is coming! In the morning we had two boats for whale watching (the Catamaran and zodiac boat) and one for swimming. We have traveled west to observe a large group of common dolphins, their behavior was perfect for swimming, they were calm and curious towards us. Then we travelled heading east, where our lookout had seen a group of striped dolphins. Near to this area, the lookout saw another species of dolphins, Risso's dolphins, with a character a little more shy, but we got to see well. After this, we traveled to the coast and saw a group of bottlenose dolphins

In the afternoon the sea was just as calm and a beautiful bright blue colour. This time we had whales to see! We arrived to the area to see their were 3 sei whales. They were very calm, always travelling near to the surface so that we could slowly follow their footprints and anticipate where they were going to surface. The afternoon tour finished with an encounter with a large group of common dolphins that delighted all of our passengers..

Photos from the morning:

Common dolphin

Common dolphin

Our zodiac boat during the morning trip

Striped dolphins

Risso's dolphin

Bottlenose dolphins
Photo from the afternoon (more to come later):

Sei whale (and a Cory's shearwater)

 The crew are feel right at home on the sea


Loggerhead turtle

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