Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Baleen whales and dolphins

Today we had several boats going out both in the morning and the afternoon, including swimming with dolphins. Our whale watching vessels saw sei whales and common dolphins in the morning and fin whales in the afternoon. Throughout the day we saw a lot of krill in the water, these are small shrimp-like animals that baleen whales, such as blue whales and fin whales, feed on. Our swimmers got to swim with both common dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins. One of our zodiacs also came across a small loggerhead turtle

Photos from the morning:

Common dolphin surfing in the waves

Sei whale

Cory's shearwater taking off after feeding on a swarm of krill
Notice the krill leaping out of the water

A sample of krill we collected this morning

Photos from the afternoon:

A nice sunny start to the tour aboard our catamaran "Cetus"

Fin whale, showing its white lower jaw on its right side (compare with the sei whale in the photo above)

Fin whale blow

Whale watchers on three boats


Anonymous said...

We've been on sea with Futurismo on 3 occasions during our stay at Ponta Delgada. It was a pleasure every time. The captain and his crew of marine biologists took great care of all of us. We were lucky enough to get to see plenty of whales and dolphins on the first two occasions, today we were less fortunate but still we saw two wales ! I am grateful for this wonderful experience of nature at sea. And I can definitely recommend it. We leave for home on Friday with a heart full of joy as well as some sadness because of what we have to leave behind ;0)
MC from Belgium

Futurismo biologists said...

Thanks you :) we are very happy that you enjoyed the tours. We hope to meet you again in the future, thank you!
Hugs from the crew!

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