Saturday, June 8, 2013

Common dolphins, pilot whales and striped dolphins - lots of babies every where

One more spring day with calm and cloudy, but warm weather. We had tours both in the morning and in the afternoon. The morning tour started just after we left the Ponta Delgada harbour, with one sunfish that quickly dived. We started to move to an area where the vigia (onshore lookout) spotted something. It was in fact the first group of pilot whales for 2013!! In the middle of the group it was possible to observe some small calves. After a while, we started to go back to Ponta Delgada, during that we were lucky to encounter common dolphins and, again, in the group we saw small calves (newborns).

The afternoon tours started with the same group of common dolphins from the morning. The visibility was not great for this tour, so our watchmen were not seeing any other species. We went further offshore to try to find something for ourselves. After some searching we came across a few dolphins. It actually turned out to be a huge group of common dolphins spread out everywhere! The final surprise was that there were striped dolphins mixed in with the commons. They were jumping all around our boat so that everybody got great photos of the jumps.

Happy World Ocean day for everyone !!!

Photos from today:

Pilot whales - mother and calf seen this morning

Pilot whale diving

One of the leaping common dolphins from the afternoon

Our zodiac surrounded by dolphins

Taking off!

A striped dolphin
Juvenile jumping

Mother and newborn baby dolphin

Tern hunting with the dolphins

Seagull scanning the ocean to find the hunting dolphins to take part of the fish-party

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