Tuesday, June 25, 2013

False killer whale and bottlenose dolphins

Today the sea was a little bit rough, so we had tours only during the morning, fortunately the day was sunny. So we start to trip with some waves looking for cetaceans, the first thing was a couple of common dolphins that quickly disappeared. In the beginning we were trying to spot a blue whale our vigia had spotted, probably the same individual we saw yesterday. After a short time we started to see a few splashes. We didn't get to see the blue whale, but what we did see was false killer whales, the first of 2013!!! It has been exactly 6 months since we last saw false killer whales on Christmas Day last year. The group we saw today was hunting, although we could not see what they were feeding on we got to see a lot of activity at the surface. After a bit of searching our skipper of the catamaran "Cetus" saw a group of bottlenose dolphins. We got to see the most amazing wildlife show from these dolphins as they were leaping high out of the water, sometimes 3-4 m vertically into the air. We reminded our passengers aboard why we should not see dolphins in captivity, especially after seeing such an incredible show in the wild, from willing dolphins. Among the leaping dolphins we also saw at least 4 flying fish that were disturbed by the dolphins passing by them and as a result took into the air to get away.

Videos from today:

Photos from today:

False killer whales: 2 well-marked individuals that we can identify by their dorsal fins
False killer whale

One of our boats with the false killer whales

False killer whales

Yellow-legged gull seen feeding off the scraps from the false killer whales

Loggerhead turtle

Watching false killer whales

False killer whale calf with its mother

Five false orcas

Our biologist Miranda showing images of the species

Bottlenose dolphins

One of the many high jumps we saw from the bottlenose dolphins

"Hello you"

Bottlenose dolphins: mother and calf

Bottlenose dolphin putting on a show for our catamaran customers

Just in front of "Song of Whales"

"Flying" dolphin

Flying fish

The best nature show ever!

Young bottlenose dolphins having a good time

Just before the... splash!

Beautiful face

Jumping in front of "Cetus" giving us an unforgivable show

The landing

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