Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fin whales are still here. Also bottlenose, common and striped dolphins jumping.

Today we had tours both in morning and in afternoon. During the morning we had an amazing sighting of 2 fin whales, just to start. So it is confirmed, the baleen whales are still here!!! After that we tried another area and luckily we spotted a small group of bottlenose dolphins. In the afternoon we had two encounters with a small groups of common dolphins that were jumping artistically. One of our small boats (zodiac) spotted some striped dolphins and a tiny loggerhead turtle.
Photos from the morning:
Fin whale blowholes just after surfacing

Fin whale rolling over, showing the tip of its tail and dorsal fin at the same time

Bottlenose dolphin
Photos from the afternoon: 

Common dolphin jumping

A nice sunny day at sea

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