Sunday, June 2, 2013

June began with fin whales and common dolphins

One more amazing day on islands of mist. We had tours both in the morning and in the afternoon. The morning started with our friends - the common dolphins, a big group with lots of calves and some dolphins mating. Then, we luckily ended up in an area of many fin whales that were very curious.

During the afternoon 2 boats went out - our catamaran "Cetus" and one rubber boat. The first sighting was a group common dolphins that were very playful. But quickly we saw blows in front of us so we moved (and the dolphins accompanied us), to reach an area with more than 3 fin whales. Our vigia (onshore lookout) counted about 15 baleen whales in the same area. The vigia (onshore lookout) informed us that the well-known sperm whale - Mr. Liable was nearby, so we tried to see the sperm whale. In the meantime everyone in the rubber boat was enjoying the company of two blue whales far from the coast and then the first Atlantic spotted dolphins of this year. At the end the catamaran missed Mr. Liable because the sperm whale moved too far, near to the rubber boat (the lucky boat today).

Photos from the morning:

Common dolphin

Fin Whale
Manx shearwater

Fotos from the Afternoon:

Whale watchers looking to a playful common dolphin
Fin whale with 3 common dolphins nearby

Watching a fin whale from our catamaran

Fin whale blow

Mr Liable - our most famous sperm whale

Blue whale!

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