Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sperm whales and our first Full Day tour of the summer

Today we was a beautiful summers day in São Miguel, Azores. On this sunny day we had our first Full Day tour as well as our regular whale watching in the morning and afternoon. Our whale watchers encountered a group of sperm whales and common dolphins throughout the day. Those that were on the Full Day tour enjoyed the whale and dolphin encounters in the morning followed by an afternoon of sunshine on Vila Franca Islet.

Photos of whale watching in the morning:

Common dolphins in front of our zodiac

2 sperm whales side by side

3 sperm whales together

Photos from Vila Franca Islet:

Low tide and the beach visible at Vila Franca Islet

The lagoon and crater, with Vila Franca do Campo in the background

Photos of whale watching in the afternoon:

Sperm whale tail - after some patient waiting

The head of a sperm whale

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