Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sperm whales breaching!!!

Today was a calm and a sunny day in São Miguel Island. Both in the morning and in the afternoon we had 2 zodiacs out on the ocean for swimming and whale watching tours. During the morning the whale watching boat went to the area where our vigia (onshore lookout) had spotted a group of pilot whales. After that we left the area to see entertaining bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins.
In the afternoon, under the wonderful sun, we approached the area of sperm whales. We found 6 individuals; mothers with their calves and one of the calves gave us an incredible moment by breaching 4 times! After we moved to another area were the pilot whales were. We could film them underwater and to finish the magnificent day, we enjoyed with the common dolphins bowriding and jumping next to the boat. 

Video of pilot whales underwater

Photos from the morning:
Pilot whales

Photos from the afternoon:
Whale watchers

Common dolphins

Pilot whales

Pilot whales

Group of sperm whales

A sperm whale fluke (calf)

Sperm whale breaching (calf)

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