Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sunset tour on Futurismo's catamaran

On the 5th of May Futurismo invited all members of our extended team; partners and agencies that we work with, to join us on a sunset cruise on our catamaran "Cetus". This cruise was an introduction to the sunset tour that we will be offering on a more regular basis throughout the summer months, a tour that is available to all individuals that are interested in doing something that is different and relaxing while they are visiting São Miguel Island in the Azores. During the sunset tour we cruise along the south coast of São Miguel Island until we are in the perfect location to watch the sun setting behind the horizon. The tour includes samples of local cheese and wine in a relaxing atmosphere. On this special day we also had live music played by students from the University of the Azores. Following are some of our photos from the evening:

The band playing


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