Thursday, June 13, 2013

Whales, whales, whales

What a lovely day on the sea. We started the day with two very curious fin whales (the same two individuals we saw yesterday morning). They really surprised us with their curiosity surfacing close to both our catamaran "Cetus" and our zodiac, swimming just under the boats and turning around in the water showing their flukes and white bellies. After this amazing encounter we saw a small group of common dolphins in the middle of the act of creating the dolphins of 2014. Yes, they were mating and very busy doing so, but still curious enough to come close to the boats and greet us with some spyhopping and jumps, and we also got to hear their whistlings from the boats.

In the  afternoon trip, we have seen another species of baleen whale, we saw two blue whales! The  largest animal in the world!

Photos from the morning:

Fin whale curving its back and going on a dive

At the surface

Our zodiac watching the whale on the surface
Fin whale
One of the whales turning curious and swimming towards our zodiac and under it
the fluke of fin whale

Fin whale surfacing near our zodiac again

Showing the white underside of the fluke

The two fin whales and Vila Franca in the background

The whale turning around, showing part of the fluke and you can see a light blue shadow under water (the white belly)

Image of one of the fin whales detected by the echosounder on our catamaran. The whale was detected about 15m beneath the boat as it passed under us!

Whale watchers

Common dolphins in the act of dolphin creation

Busy dolphins (well, we all want more dolphins in the future so they are doing a great job)

Surfing alongside our catamaran

Whale watchers

Photos from the afternoon:
Blue whales
Blue whale

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