Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A choppy summers day

Today started with mist and rain but in no time it cleared up leaving us with beautiful sunshine. Unfortunately the sea is still a bit choppy so it was not easy for us to spot animals during our tour this morning. Our vigia spotted the blow of a baleen whale not to far from Ponta Delgada, but after a lot of waiting and searching we did not manage to get even a glimpse of the whale. However, we did encounter a lovely group of common dolphins. The group were large and all individuals in the group were surfing and jumping out of the waves. For the afternoon the sea state has become worse so we have cancelled, but luckily our clients booked on the Full Day Tour are enjoying a lovely sunny afternoon in the sheltered lagoon of Vila Franca Islet.

Photos from this morning:

Common dolphins surfing in the waves

Common dolphins with a fishing boat

Common dolphins

Our Full Day boat "Song of Whales" speeding through the waves

Photos from a sailing race starting on São Miguel, going to Terceira and ending in Pico:

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