Monday, July 15, 2013

Sei whale, beaked whale and adorable dolphins everywhere

Today we had many dolphins putting on a show around our boats. Three different species were sighted this morning: bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins. At one stage we had commons mixed together with a group of spotted dolphins, interacting together in some way that we could not see beneath the surface around our boats. Who knows, maybe they were mating together (hybrids between different dolphin species do exist in the wild). Somewhere near the dolphins our vigia also spotted the blow of a whale (some kind of baleen whale species) but the whale never showed up for us. Nevertheless we all enjoyed the company of several more groups of dolphins while we were searching for the elusive whale...
This evening we enjoy the dolphins again, and we had better luck with the whales, we saw two  Sei whales! And by the way, before reaching the area of the whales, the vigia has sighted a pod of beaked whales near the area of the Sei whales, and got we to see them!

Photos from the morning:

Common dolphins, mother and calf

Common dolphins just next to the boat

Bottlenose dolphin jumping right in front


Atlantic spotted dolphin racing us

Photos from the afternoon:
Spotted dolphin
Common dolphins
Beaked whales
Beaked whales

Sei whale
Sei whale
Sei whale

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