Monday, July 8, 2013

Azores dolphins

As well as whales, in the Azores we can see 11 dolphin species, many of which are seen on a regular basis. This makes the Azores one of the best places in the world for whale and dolphin watching. During this morning's tours in São Miguel we watched and swam with 3 of these dolphin species: common dolphin, bottlenose dolphin and Atlantic spotted dolphin. We were able to observe different behaviours from the dolphins, including bowriding and curiosity towards our boats, courtship from the bottlenose dolphins and feeding (together with Cory's shearwaters) from the common dolphins. Below are some of the crews' photos of this morning's encounters:

Photos of the bottlenose dolphins:

Our swimming boat receiving a wildlife show

Bottlenose dolphins
Bottlenose dolphins

Photos of the Atlantic spotted dolphins:

A well-spotted individual

A juvenile (without spots) racing our boat

Photos of the common dolphins:

Common dolphins feeding together with Cory's shearwaters 

Cory's shearwaters

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