Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Imagine a sperm whale male babysitting a tiny baby. That's what we saw out there this morning. We started off with common dolphins and spotted dolphins and one of our boats also saw Risso's dolphins, before we encountered a male (sperm whale) babysitting a small calf as they were being annoyed by bottlenose dolphins. Protecting it, and maybe comforting it. After the sperm whale male and the calf went underwater and traveled fast underwater, maybe to avoid the dolphins and we could see how the male took the calf to a female that surfaced and we saw the three swimming away together. Here in the Azores the females live in family groups made up of females, juveniles and calves. When the adult are diving and feeding the calves stay on the surface, often with a babysitter, like what we saw today. We also tried to see beaked whales but we never saw them. In the afternoon we resighted the sperm whales, bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins. We also had a lovely Full Day trip (click HERE to see photos from the full day tour) and swimming boats today.

Photos from this morning:

Common dolphin jumping right next to our catamaran "Cetus"

Spotted dolphin in the middle of Cory's shearwaters

                                              Sperm whale logging with Bottlenose dolphins

                                                                    Sperm whale with calf 

                                                                Sperm whale female blowing

The sperm whale male with a bottlenose dolphin

The sperm whale calf with the male

The calf in between the female and the male

Bottlenose dolphins jumping next to "Cetus"

Bottlenose dolphins jumping high, a bit far away, but it was still a beautiful show

Risso's dolphins were also seen from two of our boats in the morning

One of our zodiac boats with a Risso's dophin

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