Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Curious sei whales and dolphins

An amazing start of the trip with sei whales being curious and behaving like dolphins around the boats this morning, remember these are big baleen whales, and the third largest animal in the world. We had three individuals surfacing close to us really showing of. then we had the dolphins, both common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins, playful and jumping as usual. It is wildlife and it is hard to rely on wildlife showing its best side all the time, but the dolphins we see, yes, we can rely on them being all fun! In the afternoon we could not find the whales anymore, unfortunately it was just too cloudy and our vigias on the coastline could not see well through the thick layer of cloud. However we did find the bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins again, and this time they were even more playful and active then in the morning! For those on our smaller boats Atlantic spotted dolphins were also on the list of sightings for the afternoon.

Photos from the morning:
Our new biologist Matt with a sei whale

Sei whale

Sei whale

Our biologist Rodrigo showing the image of the common dolphin

Photos from the afternoon:
Jump sequence - bottlenose dolphins having a good time:

Bottlenose dolphin leaping next to our catamaran

Common dolphin leaping next to our catamaran

Common dolphin mother and calf

Bottlenose dolphins

 Common dolphins, mother and calf

Common dolphins

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